My device is not turning on

Listed below are a few troubleshooting tips to use if your device is not turning on.

1. Check to make sure your device is fully charged.

Devices need to charge with a Lingraphica charger for a minimum of 6-7 hours to achieve a full battery life. We recommend charging your device overnight, each night. (Review this article for best charging practices)

2. Reboot with the power button.

Press and hold down the power button for an extended time of 30-40 seconds.

3. Reboot with both the lower volume and power buttons. (for TouchTalks and MiniTalks only)

Press and hold down the lower volume and power buttons at the same time for 30-40 seconds.

4. Check the charger port.

The piece of the charger that connects to the device should have a tight fit into the charger port. If the charger connection feels loose or needs to be held in place in order to charger, the charger port is damaged and will need to return to repair.

If the device still does not turn on after completing these steps and/or if the charger port appears to be damaged, please call our toll-free number at 888-274-2742 or schedule a call with us at the following link: Schedule a Call with Tech Support.