Is there an easy way to search for icons on the devices without having to look through each page?

Yes, we offer a search function in all of our devices which will locate icons based on their name. It also offers an easy-add button to place the icon on custom pages.

We offer a search function which locates icons within the devices. Below are the steps which explain how to use this function.

Step 1: Select the red icon along the top button-bar that has the magnifying glass on it. This is the Search function.

Search Button Screenshot

Step 2: Type the name of the icon you're trying to find. As you begin to type, icons will begin to appear that match the text in the search bar.

Search 2

Step 3: Once you're done typing, you will see the following items starting from left to right:

  • A blue and white plus sign
  • The name of the icon
  • An image
  • The name of the page where the icon currently lives

Search 3

Step 4: Click the blue plus sign to add the icon to the current page you're on.

Search 5

Search 4