What if I can't afford my out-of-pocket expense?

If your insurance provider does not cover the entire cost of a Lingraphica communication device, we can provide payment plans and financial assistance.

Payment Plans: To discuss a payment plan directly with Lingraphica, please call us at 888-274-2742 and ask for our client advocate department. No interest is charged on these plans.

Financial Assistance: If you can not afford your out-of-pocket expense even with a payment plan, we may be able to reduce your costs. Lingraphica wants to make sure that any client can receive a much-needed communication device regardless of financial means. If you are already participating in a trial, please call us at 888-274-2742 Extension 4, or ask for our client advocate department. If you are not participating in a trial yet, the first step is to check your insurance coverage. To do this, you can call us at 888-274-2742, or complete our Eligibility Check Form online.