How much of the device cost will my insurance cover?

Our Client Advocate team will be able to determine what your insurance will cover on an individual basis, as each insurance plan is different. This will take place after the Benefit Check Form is completed on our website.

Lingraphica’s experienced team of professionals will be with you step by step to verify eligibility and check the insurance benefits for a Lingraphica communication device. Our Client Advocates and Reimbursement Specialists will work on your behalf, submitting the necessary documents for approval and reimbursement of a device.

Many insurances partially or fully cover our Lingraphica communication devices including Medicare, VA, many State Medicaids, commercial and private healthcare insurances, state funding, and other options. In order to know exactly how much of the cost of a device your insurance will cover, our Client Advocate team will need to complete a full benefit check with your insurance company. This will take place after the  Eligibility Check Form  is completed on our website and we receive your full insurance information.

If you have any questions regarding the insurance coverage of our communication devices, please contact our team at 888-274-2742 or submit your question on our  Contact Us Form.