How much do your communication devices cost?

The answer to this question really depends upon insurance coverage. We work with Medicare and many state Medicaids, as well as other insurances. If your insurance does not cover our equipment, we can work with you.

Please keep in mind that every insurance company is different which means that the percentage of coverage will be different for each insurance plan. Medicare, for example, typically covers 80% of the total cost, with the patient responsible for 20%. No matter what level of coverage you have, the Lingraphica team will make sure you are aware of all costs that may be associated with the device.

If you have concerns about your cost, Lingraphica can provide payment plans and financial assistance – Lingraphica wants to make sure that any client can receive a much-needed communication device regardless of financial means. Our team members are happy to help answer any payment questions you may have. Call us at 888-274-2742 or fill out our  Contact Us Form  on our website.

If you wish to purchase a device out-of-pocket or do not have/wish to use insurance, the cost of the device is $7800. This is the allowable amount established by Medicare.