How does someone receive additional training on the devices?

We offer a number of free device training resources for those who have received a new communication device. Those offerings include online device training courses, live online webinars, and online/phone training.

We offer free device training for everyone who receives a Lingraphica communication device. Our training comes in a number of different offerings that are all focused on teaching users and their communication partners about our communication devices and how to properly use them. You can learn more about the free device training here.  Lingraphica's ACE Program is our virtual user guide which is filled with easy-to-follow tutorial videos explaining the different sections of our devices as well as practice exercises where users repeat the steps in the video on their device. Users can also register for free, live webinars with one of our certified device specialists. Our ACE Program is now available on all three of our communication devices. The program icon can be found on the device's homepage.

Lingraphica also offers free webinars for communication partners who are new to the world of speech disorders. The webinars allow you to hear the questions other caregivers have and also allows you to ask your own questions directly to a certified speech-language pathologist. The reason we offer so many training resources is because we want to make sure our customers and their communication partners are getting the most out of their communication devices.