How do I receive a communication device?

To receive a communication device, you must first submit an eligibility check. If approved, you will then begin a 4-to-6-week trial with your speech therapist. After the trial, you will then need to complete the necessary paperwork.

To receive a Lingraphica communication device, you must follow the steps below:

1. Submit an eligibility check.

  • Lingraphica requires an eligibility check before beginning a device trial. After you provide your insurance information to one of our Client Advocates, he or she will determine whether you have sufficient insurance coverage to start a device trial. This eligibility check ensures the trial process moves along quickly and easily.

2. If there is insurance coverage, you will then begin a 4-to-6-week device trial with your SLP.

  • If you qualify for a free trial, we will ship a loaner Lingraphica device to your SLP free of charge. Within a week of receiving the device, our Client Advocate team will perform a detailed benefits check to ensure your specific insurance will cover a Lingraphica communication device. Our team will reach out to you to discuss the results of this check, any out-of-pocket expenses, and the face-to-face visit notes from your physician. In the meantime, you will work with your SLP to see whether the device is a good fit for your recovery and lifestyle. You or a loved one may hear from a Lingraphica Clinical Consultant during the trial to make sure everything is going well.

3. If your SLP confirms that the device is a good fit, you will then need to complete the necessary paperwork and send it back to Lingraphica.

  • Lingraphica will check in with your SLP to make sure the device is an appropriate fit for you. If you and your SLP agree to move forward with the device, Lingraphica will work with your SLP to get the correct authorization and paperwork for the placement of the device. We will also work with your physician to obtain the notes from your face-to-face visit regarding the treatment and evaluation of your speech impairment.

4. Once all the necessary paperwork has been received, we will customize and send you your new communication device.

  • Once the device has been recommended and approved, Lingraphica will manufacture and customize the device specifically and uniquely for your needs. We customize based on the Personal Interests Form that you complete. We put this information directly into the device so that—right out of the box—it will contain phrases like “Hi, my name is John” or “I like to watch the Phillies.”